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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inter first year physics model paper-2011

Answer ALL the questions                                                                   10 X 2 = 20M
1.     If the units of mass, length and time are doubled, what happens to unit of energy?
2.     F = 3i + 4j + 5k and S = 6i + 2j + 5k, then find the work done?
3.     Define coefficient of restitution. What are its practical values?
4.     What is the normal reaction of the body when it is at rest on
(i) a horizontal surface and (ii) an inclined surface?
5.     Is steel more elastic or less elastic than rubber? Why?
6.     Define surface tension. Give its dimensional formula.
7.     State Bernoulli’s theorem. For which type of fluids Bernoulli’s theorem is applicable?
8.     Why a gap should be left between the two successive rails?
9.     Explain anomalous expansion of water.
10.     State Zeroth law of thermodynamics. What is its significance?
Answer any SIX questions                                                                       6 X 4 = 24M
11.     Define parallelogram law of vectors and derive an equation for the magnitude of resultant vector.
12.     Show that the trajectory of an object thrown at certain angle with the horizontal is parabola.
13.     Find the centre of mass of a system of masses 1kg, 2kg, 3kg and 4kg located at the points (0,0), (1,0), (1,1) and (0,1).
14.     Pulling a lawn roller is easier than pushing. Explain?
15.     State and prove the perpendicular axes theorem of moment of inertia.
16.     Define escape velocity and derive the equation.
17.     Show that CP – CV = R.
18.     State Kirchhoff’s law. Mention the applications of Kirchhoff’s law.
Answer any TWO questions                                                                  2 X 8 = 16M
19.     State the law of conservation of energy and prove it in the case of a freely falling body with neat diagram.
A machine gun fires 240 bullets per minute with a velocity of 500m/sec. if the mass of the bullet is 5X10­­-2kg, find the power of machine gun.
20.     What is Simple Harmonic Motion? Derive an equation for the Time Period of a simple pendulum. The displacement of a body in simple harmonic motion is X = 4cos (3πt + π/6). Find the amplitude, frequency of the body.
21.     Define apparent expansion of liquid. Determine the coefficient of apparent expansion of a liquid using specific gravity bottle. The mass of the specific gravity bottle is 50gm when it is filled with liquid at 200C. Mass of the bottle is 45.5gm when it is heated to 1200C. The mass of the bottle is 45gm.Find the apparent expansion of the liquid.

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  1. need a new model paper for the new syllabus ma'am...... :(